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Juicy chicken fillets

By following a few basic cooking principles when preparing chicken fillets, you never need to have a dry, tasteless chicken fillet on your plate (or battle to swallow it). I often hear that people don’t enjoy chicken fillets, as they complain that it’s too dry. When frying it for a short time over the correct temperature, you can have a different experience. Use a pan with a wide, solid base that can retain the heat well and start over a medium temperature – AMC Cookware is perfect for this.

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Roasted veggies with hummus-yoghurt sauce

I could eat roasted veggies any day, especially if there’s cumin added! I also love hummus and in this dish it makes the perfect sauce. These veggies are also really versatile, they can be enjoyed as a light vegetarian meal or as a side dish with roasted chicken. Use them in any salad or stir into couscous and a handful or two of fresh coriander, basil leaves and roasted nuts. They are great at room temperature as part of a lunch box or delicious on pizzas or in sandwiches.

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Mini lemon polenta cakes with herbs

Westfalia Fruit has four flavours in the avocado oil range: Plain, Garlic, Lemon and Butter – great to use in any recipe where oil is needed. I often use the lemon-flavoured avocado oil as it adds a citrusy aroma and taste to anything from salads and roasted or steamed veggies to chicken and fish. It is especially good when baking, like in these light and fluffy mini tea loaves.
In this recipe, the polenta and nuts adds an interesting texture and the lovely zestiness from the lemon-flavoured avocado oil is perfect with the hint of fresh herbs.

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