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Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

Homemade hot chocolate is so easy to make and a healthier alternative to shop-bought powders or mixes. If you prepare your own, you can control what goes into each mug of deliciousness and choose better quality chocolate that is lower in sugar and other additives. Remember, dark chocolate gives a better, richer flavour than milk chocolate. If preferred, you can stir in a little honey for a sweeter taste.

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Lemon & pea risotto with chicken

Lemon & pea risotto with chicken

Lemon and peas are delicious together and, in this risotto, you can see why.
Risotto is a popular Italian rice dish that can be served as a starter, main course or side dish. Arborio rice is a short grain rice and gives this dish its typical creamy, soft texture. Stock is gradually stirred into the rice so that it can cook slowly, but it should not be cooked until it is completely soft. This simple combination is divine and can be enjoyed as a main meal or light meal without the chicken.

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