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Chia seed & coconut puddings with JAZZ™ Apples

Chia seeds have become quite a popular ingredient lately. These little black seeds swell out when exposed to moisture and will set liquid to a jelly-like consistency. Added to that chia seeds have many health benefits, ranging from a high protein and fibre content to lots of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Add it to smoothies or sprinkle over breakfast to enjoy them as part of a healthy meal or used in a dessert, like in this recipe. The combination of coconut milk and vanilla is delicious or try it with cinnamon, it’s as yummy with the apples (see the tips). This is such an easy dessert to make and the crunchy, sweet ‘apple spoons’ are perfect with the toasted toppings.

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Romerige appelkoosnagereg

Die somer maak jou vrugtemandjie tot boordens toe vol. Daar’s ‘n kleurvolle verskeidenheid en steenvrugte bring die sonskyn sommer op baie maniere tafel toe. Dit is waarop LiG Tydskrif se Februarie artikel fokus.
Geniet die vrugte nét so of gebruik dit in slaaie of nageregte. As die vrugte oorryp word, kan jy ’n puree daarmee maak om te vries of gebruik vir hierdie heerlike nagereg.

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