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Roasted pitas with tomato & corn

Roasted pitas with tomato & corn

Roasted pitas are a game-changing recipe. One evening my kids were in the mood for pizza, but there was just not enough time to make the dough. We cut open pitas to use as the pizza base and they were very impressed with this quick fix. Just don’t use too many toppings as it will become too heavy for the pita bases. The spices in the tomato sauce are something special and the combination of corn, tomato and cheese is so tasty. These pitas are perfect for a weekend or holiday treat and even work well as a snack around the braai.

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Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

Homemade hot chocolate is so easy to make and a healthier alternative to shop-bought powders or mixes. If you prepare your own, you can control what goes into each mug of deliciousness and choose better quality chocolate that is lower in sugar and other additives. Remember, dark chocolate gives a better, richer flavour than milk chocolate. If preferred, you can stir in a little honey for a sweeter taste.

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