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Brown rice & lentils with lemon

Spring is such an exciting season with all the signs of new life, green leaves and blossoming flowers. The same is true for the range of veggies and herbs that becomes available during these months. I always feel inspired to use them as often as possible. It’s also a time when many of us start to put warm soups and stews on the back burner and rather opt for lighter, fresher meals.

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Roasted tomatoes, mushrooms & onions

Roasted tomatoes, mushrooms & onions Recipe from Food from the heart/ Onthoukos Serves 4 – 6 This flavourful side dish is quick and easy to prepare. Serve with roasted meat or chicken, or add to pasta and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. It can also be served with...

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Aarbeislaai met basiliekruid

Aarbeislaai met basiliekruid Resep uit Maak vyf/ Make five Lewer 4 – 6 porsies 45 minute Vegetaries Hierdie slaai is perfek vir enige somersete. Voeg 'n bietjie hoender, avokado of neute by vir 'n ligte ete. Volstruisfilette of steak, fish of hoender oor die kole is...

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