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Rooibos- & bessie-ystee

Rooibos- & bessie-ystee Resep uit Kos is op die tafel Lewer ongeveer 2 liter 30 minute (plus verkoelingstyd) Bestanddele 8 rooibos of bessiegegeurde rooibos teesakkies 6 dun skyfies vars gemmer 6-8 heel naeltjies 6-7 kardemompeule, oopgeskeur (opsioneel) 75 ml...

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Mango & vanilla sauce

Mango & vanilla sauce Recipe developed for Westfalia Fruit and Woolworths Makes about 600 ml curd This dessert sauce is made in a similar way to a lemon curd, but is not as tart. Fresh mango purée gives it a creamy texture and a sweet and fruity flavour....

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Lightly roasted nuts

Lightly roasted nuts Recipe from Cooking from the heart 2 Serves 6 Ready in 30 minutes These nuts are a great alternative to salty shop-bought versions. Ingredients 200 g raw unsalted nuts, like almonds or peanuts 1 tbsp (15 ml) canola or olive oil 1 tsp (5 ml)...

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Caramelised onions

I have used the word versatile many times, so now I should rather refer to multi-purpose – because that is exactly what these onions are. They are one of those very, very popular recipes that I have shared with so many people. Like so many other recipes, it is those...

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