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English & Afrikaans terminology

Sometimes kitchen words in English and Afrikaans can be confusing. Some words are very similar, other words are completely different. These lists will help you make sense of these words, especially so that they are easy to find when you are shopping for ingredients.

Basic ingredients

English Afrikaans
barley gort
bran semels
buttermilk karringmelk
capers kappertjiesaad
castor sugar strooisuiker
chickpeas kekerertjies
coconut milk klappermelk
condensed milk kondensmelk
cornflour mielieblom
cottage cheese maaskaas
couscous koeskoes
cream cheese roomkaas
honey heuning
icing sugar versiersuiker
lentils lentils
oats hawermout
olive oil olyfolie
peanuts grondboontjies
pearled wheat stampkoring
pine nuts dennepitte
poppy seeds papawersaad
prawns garnale
samp stampmielies
self-raising flour bruismeel
sesame seeds sesamsaad
soy sauce sojasous
stock aftreksel
sunflower seeds sonneblomsaad
sweet chilli sauce soet brandrissiesous
wholegrain mustard korrelmosterd

Fruit and veggies

Kitchen terminology

Herbs, spices and seasonings

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